How to choose a ski resort for your vacation

The US ski industry is in trouble, according to a study commissioned by ski resorts and the US Department of Labor.The study, by the University of Colorado Boulder, looked at ski industry trends in terms of job losses and other losses during the past 15 years.It found that more than half of all ski resorts closed their doors during the […]

Which companies are in it for the long haul?

cataloogheday 2018-03-07 10:21:27 Next Big Futures, Inc. will release the company’s latest annual report today.The company is currently a part of the larger First Round Capital Management.The report details the company and its investment strategy, including its long-term goal to become an “over-the-counter” drugmaker.The CEO and co-founder of Next Big, Dan Pachal, is also the managing director of the Chicago-based […]

How to ski in the Rockies

For some people, the only way to ski north of the Rockies is by going skiing.It’s a no-brainer.In fact, it’s a rite of passage for many families.It can be a bit pricey, though, so you’ll want to consider some options before making a decision.And with the season in full swing, the options have been narrowed down quite a bit.The basics: […]

Aussie skiers can now take their skis on the slopes

When it comes to skiing, Australia has always been a popular destination for the country’s snowboarders.In recent years, skiers from all over the world have set up shop in the country, and their popularity has grown with each passing year.But it hasn’t always been so easy for locals to get their hands on the most basic parts of their sport.Australia […]

What’s new in skiing?

On Friday morning, it was raining, the ski slopes of the Alps were covered in snow, and everyone was taking a break from skiing.But it was not just the people of Switzerland, but all the people in the Alps and in Switzerland themselves, who had to get up early.A huge avalanche hit the ski area at the village of La […]

Why do ski resorts use a high-powered avalanche machine to protect their guests?

A few years ago, we wrote about how a company called Evo Ski was experimenting with a high powered avalanche machine.It’s called the Vail Ski Machine and it was developed for the company’s resort in Aspen, Colorado.The idea behind it was that the machine could be deployed when snowmelt is too intense for the skiers to do much of anything, […]

Slalom skis: The perfect slalom for the winter

The ski world has been waiting for the next super-snowmobile and snowmobile hybrid, and now it’s here.The Black Diamond Ski Pro is a slalomset with a sloped, flat profile, which is also what the company’s Skillex and Skilix models are based on.The Skilux model has an extended ski-like rear suspension with a single-pivot fork and a single drivetrain, but it’s […]

Colorado’s ski resorts are getting new, bigger snow machines

On Sunday, ski resorts in Colorado and Nevada are set to have the first ever snow machines.The machines are being installed at all of the resorts that have been granted permission to use them.The new machines are designed to provide more vertical snowfall and help with the elevation gain needed to lift the ski area above the ground and down […]

‘Tough, but not too tough’: The Laddie Pass Ski Resort in Colorado

The LADDIE PASS Ski Resort, a resort in Colorado that is owned by ski operator Laddies, is not for the faint-hearted.Its tough-guy name is a nod to its rugged mountain terrain, but it’s also an allusion to its legendary skiing history.The ski area is one of the first to be developed in the United States, in 1919.Its first lift was […]

Why are ski boots still so popular?

In an effort to promote skis and skis-style snowboarding gear, I spoke with a few of the skiers and snowboarders in my local area.I asked about their favorite ski boots and the most-requested ski boots.Here’s what they had to say.

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