Which ski brands are coming to Whitefish Ski Resort?

It’s not just about skiing, but there are plenty of things to do too.There’s also a variety of food and beverage options and there’s a host of things you can do with your own kitted out snowboard, snowmobile, snowboard trailer, or ski board.Ski resorts in the United States, like Whitefish, have always been known for being popular destinations for ski […]

How to make sure your ski gloves are as comfortable as possible

A lot of ski gloves require extra care to keep them dry, especially when they’re worn underneath your ski boots.This article explains how to get the most from your ski-wear.1.Warm up before you go skiing2.Use a pair of gloves to cover your hands when you get on the slopes3.Wear gloves at the start of the day to avoid sweating during […]

Ski gloves for the coldest winters, 2018

Best ski gloves for skiing in the cold are now available on the internet.These are the best ski clothing, ski shoes and ski gloves available for skiing under the weather.We asked our readers what they would recommend for the colder months and the response was overwhelming.We’ve put together our list of best ski apparel and footwear for skiing the cold […]

How to wear a ski mask in winter

The term “skisuit” is often associated with the brand Snow Park but there are some other ways to enjoy the snow in the UK.There’s no shortage of choices with the most popular being the snow mask and a few different styles of snow ski mask.Some of the options are pretty straightforward and even a beginner might be able to find […]

Which ski resort in the U.S. has the biggest snowmaking facility?

Snowmaking has been a huge part of skiing since its birth in the early 1900s.The term “snowmobile” was coined in 1876, and in 1920, a snowmobile was patented in the same year.In 1933, the first ski resort was built in the United States.Today, snowmaking has expanded to include snowshoeing, snowboarding, and snowboarding rentals.In the late 1800s, snowshoes were typically built […]

How to make a wintergreen skiing vacation

If you’re looking for a way to stay warm and cozy while traveling, then you should definitely head to Vail ski resort in Nevada.With a range of activities ranging from snowshoeing to ice climbing, Vail Ski Resort in Nevada has everything you need to get out and about on the slopes.Here are 10 things to do at Vail when visiting […]

Why you should avoid a jet ski deal

A jet ski is one of the best investments a young person can make, especially if they are looking for a more affordable way to travel around.A new study shows that jet skis, or similar products, could actually increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that jet ski […]

How to keep cats safe from the sun in Australia

The cat on this website is not one of the many we keep for petting or keeping the cat’s fur in good condition.It’s one of a group of five that lives at Cataloochea ski area in Queensland.It was not a part of the research, but it has long been used by people to protect their pets from the high heat […]

How to ski with the jet ski lift

There are many different ways to ski and take advantage of the skiing trails in the Alps.Some ski resorts offer jet ski lifts and other lifts.And even though there are many ways to take advantage, a lot of times the best way is to go with a team.Here are some tips on how to ski together in the snow.What is […]

Tahoe skiing company’s ski backpack gets new name: Ski Packer

The Tahoe Ski Company is officially changing its name to Ski Packers.The company says the name was inspired by the company’s motto, “We ski.We pack.We do what we do best.”The company also announced today that it is offering the brand new Ski Pack™ Ski Pack, a two-pack, in addition to the Ski Pack that is already in store.It was launched […]

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