When is it snowing in Halifax?

The snow is officially here.And the snow is finally coming.The city of Halifax is expecting up to six inches of snow on Friday, but that will change depending on how much moisture falls.The snow is expected to start falling in the city around 9 a.m.The forecast is to shift back towards normal around 10 a.ms.By the end of the day, […]

How to make the perfect ski jacket for the winter, from the basics to the biggest tips

We’ve got all the details you need to make your winter ski jacket look great and last long, whether you’re skiing in the south, the north or both.Here’s everything you need in one handy guide.1.Coat type and length2.Outerwear3.Coat material and material type4.Coat style and type5.Outer jacket and collar type6.Coat construction7.Outer lining8.Outer collar and hood9.Coat padding and insulation10.Outer sleeves11.Outer necklaces12.Outer lapel13.Outer […]

What’s the best kawasike jet ski?

By James StirlingThe latest jet ski trailer from Kawasaki has become one of our most requested items. We asked the team at Kawasaki about what it was like to create a jet ski for our readers and here are some of the thoughts that we got from the team.The Kawasaki Jet Ski trailer is based on a Kawasaki J-Jet Ski model, […]

How to ski in Antarctica

A new generation of women ski with a jet ski.It’s a new trend that’s been going on for years in Europe and North America, and now it’s hitting the slopes in South Africa.It has a very, very different feel to it than the traditional, backcountry ski, said Julie B. Boudreaux, president of the ski division at ski-equipped clothing retailer Apres.She […]

How to survive a snowstorm: Vail ski resort says ‘we’ll make it up’

Vail Ski Resort says it will make it back to the snow on Saturday after the deadly storm, but it’s not so sure about getting the rest of the country’s snow-starved ski areas to follow suit.The resort announced Saturday morning that it will only let in a small number of skiers and snowboarders to ski for a total of 50 […]

Which is the best ski patrol in Australia?

The white ski patrol, or ski patrol as it is known in the north, has become a staple of northern skiing communities since its inception in 2009.Its popularity is based on its reputation for safety, reliability and ease of use, and its willingness to lend a hand if needed.But some people say the white ski patrols are becoming too popular.“They’ve […]

How to Get Away With Murder in the Wild West

The Western world is in mourning for the loss of the American tourist.After years of the tourism industry’s collapse, the American public is finally seeing the damage it has wrought on their country.“America is in a period of mourning for a long time,” said Jeff Baca, director of the University of Montana Tourism Center.The country is deeply saddened by the […]

A new breed of ski boots for men

The new breed: men’s ski boots.The style: The Skisport brand.A decade ago, men were left to pick from a range of options: boots with no vents, a single-layer shell and a removable, synthetic rubber sole.These days, the market is flooded with boots that are made for skiing.They range from a simple, single-piece sole to multi-layered, high-tech designs that require the […]

How to Survive the Winter in the Snow

A winter in the snow is a must-do if you’re looking for a memorable adventure, even if you only have a few hours to kill.Here are the basics you need to know before you head out to the slopes in winter.What’s winter like?The weather is not as good in New England as it is in New York, and it’s not […]

Snowbird ski: The best skis for the season

Snowbird is an American skier’s dream.It has been a staple of mountain skiers for decades, and its popularity has grown exponentially with the arrival of snowboarding, cycling, and other recreational sports.Now the company has a new addition to its lineup: a new line of ski models designed to be more efficient for everyday riders.The new Snowbird X2 is the latest […]

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