How to survive a snowstorm: Vail ski resort says ‘we’ll make it up’

Vail Ski Resort says it will make it back to the snow on Saturday after the deadly storm, but it’s not so sure about getting the rest of the country’s snow-starved ski areas to follow suit.The resort announced Saturday morning that it will only let in a small number of skiers and snowboarders to ski for a total of 50 […]

When a ski resort in Canada shut down due to pollution concerns

Two ski resorts in Canada have shut down after the province’s environmental watchdog found that they were being unfairly treated by the resort operator.Whitetail Ski Resort in Nova Scotia shut down its doors for two weeks after the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA) found it was not complying with the province and the province did not have sufficient resources to […]

How to find a ski lodge near you

Ski resorts in Colorado, Utah and Nevada are now open to the public.They’re a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful mountains in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains of Utah.But where should you go?Here’s how to find your perfect spot.

Which ski passes are the most expensive to buy? Read more

The first snowboarders, it turned out, were not from the UK.The skis were from Scandinavia, and when they came to Norway’s Skølvshavn, they were not invited to the party.The skiing community, however, was quite big.In the 1950s, it was a place to learn and train.In recent years, however “skis were not a common sight” among locals, says Bjørn Berg, a […]

How to make a pink skimask with a pink mask

By AP WriterThe AP News Service is provided by the American Association of News Editors.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.Read more

How to ski without worrying about avalanches

By the time the ski season rolls around in 2019, you’re going to want to spend your winter in one of the country’s three steamboats.These are the fastest, most luxurious ski resorts on earth, and they’re not cheap.They’re the perfect place to get a first taste of what the skiing industry has to offer.So how do you get there, and […]

Which is the best ski patrol in Australia?

The white ski patrol, or ski patrol as it is known in the north, has become a staple of northern skiing communities since its inception in 2009.Its popularity is based on its reputation for safety, reliability and ease of use, and its willingness to lend a hand if needed.But some people say the white ski patrols are becoming too popular.“They’ve […]

5 tips to get the best ski experience at Denver ski resort

Denver, Colo.— Skiing can be a bit of a chore, especially for those with limited mobility.If you don’t have a big enough snowpack to lift a full load, your hands might get sore, or you might get stuck in the snow and the ski could end up buckling under the weight.But if you’re a skier in the Denver area, you […]

What do you get when you mix skiing with skiing?

By now you probably know that skiing in Michigan is still very much a passion for some of us.There are many more resorts in the state and skiing has been gaining popularity since the 1970s.However, it is no secret that the skiing in the Midwest is getting worse and more expensive.In addition to this, a lot of people also feel […]

How the ski jackets are made

The ski jackets for skiing at the highest level are produced from the same materials that are used in ski poles and ski gear, with the exception of the snowflake and powder coating.While that may not be an obvious statement, it is one that many ski enthusiasts can agree on.The powder coating in the powder jackets has been around for […]

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